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Christopher Marlowe's Elizabethan tragedy focuses on the downfall of King Edward II, whose love for his favorite courtier, Piers Gaveston, leads to rebellion. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

Gaveston: Chuck Williamson
King Edward II: Martin Geeson
Lancaster/Berkeley: Todd
Mortimer Senior/Monks/Matrevis: Ric F
Mortimer Junior: mb
Earl of Kent: Arielle Lipshaw
Earl of Warwick/Sir John of Hainault/Lightborn: Alan Mapstone
Bishops of Coventry, Winchester, and Canterbury/Spencer Senior: Algy Pug
Queen Isabella/Narrator: Elizabeth Klett
Pembroke/Mower/Gurney: Thomas Cardwell
Prince Edward: Charlotte Duckett
Spencer Junior: Robin King
Baldock: om123
Leicester: Joseph Abell
First Poor Man/Earl of Arundel/First Lord: bala
Third Poor Man/Rice Ap Howell/Trussel/Second Lord: Amanda Friday
King's Niece: Libby Gohn
Messenger/Herald: Caprisha Page

Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett

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