Audiobook: Astounding Stories 17, May 1931

Astounding Stories 17, May 1931 cover

Astounding Stories 17, May 1931

1 - Dark Moon by Charles W. Diffin, Chapter 1


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This issue of the science-fiction magazine includes a novella by Charles W. Diffin titled "Dark Moon" and several short stories, including "When Caverns Yawned", by Captain S.P. Meek "When the Moon Turned Green", by Hal K. Wells and "The Death-Cloud." by Nat Schachner & Arthur L. Zagat There is also a second part of "The Exile of Time" by Ray Cummings. - Summary by Bill Boerst

You are listening Astounding Stories 17, May 1931 by Ray Cummings, Captain S. P. Meek, Hal K. Wells, Charles Willard Diffin, Nat Schachner, Arthur L. Zagat.
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