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Essay on the Creative Imagination

1 - 00 – Translator’s and Author’s Prefaces and Introduction – The Motor Nature of the Constructive Imagination


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β€œIt is quite generally recognized that psychology has remained in the semi-mythological, semi-scholastic period longer than most attempts at scientific formulization. For a long time it has been the β€œspook science” per se, and the imagination, now analyzed by M. Ribot in such a masterly manner, has been one of the most persistent, apparently real, though very indefinite, of psychological spooks. Whereas people have been accustomed to speak of the imagination as an entity _sui generis_, as a lofty something found only in long-haired, wild-eyed β€œgeniuses,” constituting indeed the center of a cult, our author, Prometheus-like, has brought it down from the heavens, and has clearly shown that imagination is a function of mind common to all men in some degree, and that it is shown in as highly developed form in commercial leaders and practical inventors as in the most bizarre of romantic idealists. The only difference is that the manifestation is not the same.” – Albert H. N. Baron, in translator’s preface to _Essai sur l’imagination crΓ©atrice_
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