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1 - Aspects of Game Captaincy


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If you find yourself with nothing particular to do in an airport, train or bus or you've got a quiet evening to yourself in a hotel room or you're facing the delicious prospect of an extended lunch or tea break, why not pick up _Coffee Break Collection 001_ and enjoy the experience? This anthology has a selection of humorous pieces guaranteed to keep you entertained. Opening with a master of the genre, PG Wodehouse, the first story is a pseudo-scholarly treatise on football captains! A delightful piece follows – _Beyond Pandora_ by RJ Martin with its memorable opening line, β€œ_The ideal way to deal with a pest.... is of course to make it useful to you_.” The collection also includes a gem from the inimitable Saki and another from a master of the twist-in-the-tail genre, O Henry. Published in 1883 and written by an anonymous writer, _English As She is Wrote_ is an amusing compendium of curiosities of the English language that's definitely rib-tickling! Chapters 2 and 3 are included here. Chapter 2 deals with various comical advertisements and sign-boards – to give an example, _In the far West a man advertises for a woman to wash, iron and milk a few cows!_ Chapter 3 provides examples of zany epitaphs like β€œ_Here lies John Ross Kicked By a Hoss_” Selections from Robert Benchley, WS Gilbert, Mark Twain, William Makepeace Thackeray and many more witty entertainers are included in _Coffee Break Collection 001_. A couple of stories, fables, actually, are by the only woman author to be featured here, Lida Brown McMurry. What makes the collection even more attractive is that all the stories included are short pieces, and would take just about fifteen or twenty minutes to get through, making them ideal for a quick and easy read. This is really fun on the run!
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