Audiobook: Thunderstorm At Night (Version 2)

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Thunderstorm At Night (Version 2)

1 - A Thunderstorm At Night - Read by AG


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LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of A Thunderstorm At Night By Eric Mackay. This was the Weekly Poetry project for June 13, 2022. \------ George Eric Mackay was an English minor poet, now remembered as the sponging half-brother of Marie Corelli, the best-selling novelist. As a poet he is described as "execrable",\[5\] and reliant on Corelli's promotion of his works. His first works appeared in periodicals in the early 1860s; he achieved some reputation in his time for Letters of a Violinist (1886). It sold 35,000 copies; he repaid Corelli's efforts by implying he wrote her novels. (Wikipedia)
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