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Author: Joystiq

Massively Speaking Episode 148 is back this week as Shawn and Rubi discuss the latest MMO news, including some more details on ArcheAge and Guild Wars 2, a better explanation of the DCUO MegaServers (formerly Super Servers), and the return of SOE! Plus, we sit down with Fallen Earth's Marie "Aro Sei" Croall to discuss May's State of the Game, including Alpha County, Progress Towns, and the combat changes on the PTS now. If you'd like to join our RIFT guild (as discussed on the show), check out this thread in our forums for more info. And if you'd like to play Star Wars Galaxies with Shawn through his 45 days of free time, check out this thread. Also, as you can tell, we're getting close to another podcast milestone: Episode 150. We're going to record a live show for that one, so stay tuned for the next episode, during which we'll tell you all about how to take part.

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